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Mar 31, 2011

Yachting in Shenzhen: China Cup International Regatta

Like all great films that come out of the can strong, we often can’t wait for the sequel. Well, as I blawged in early Spring about my client and friends Jame Guo and Ben Hart at Farnova Yachts they came out of the can strong with their first “China” designed and built cruising yacht and it was a beauty. Almost a year later the sequel is just as good if not better as the original as they have learned a great deal about making quality yachts in their Shenzhen, China shipyard.

In this year's China Cup International Regatta  James and Ben entered two boats – a 48′ Farnova and a 52′ Farnova. Both beautifully appointed cruising yachts hat are not supposed to go fast and win races. As one of our crew members who is from Appalachia pointed out – “this here boat would be perfect with a cooler full of Bud and a barbecue hanging off the back.”

Indeed it is a cool yacht and one that you could feel comfortable cruising around the world or just hanging out at the yacht club – a racing yacht it is not although this video of the 52′ in stiff breeze tells a different story.

So, the sequel was indeed better than the prequel as the 48′ Farnova won a runner-up trophy in the China Cup with a largely novice, but spirited, Chinese crew representing Tsinghua University. The 52′ Farnova was sailed by a semi-professional crew with yours truly having more than a cameo and taking the helm when there wasn’t a lot of wind and no other boats around to run into!

As Ford and GM and Honda and Ferrari test their cars at Nascar and Formula One, so did Jame and Ben test their new 52′ at the China Cup. They learned a lot from our crew with a combined 150yrs of sailing and racing experience and will take the lessons learned and make the future models faster, stronger and better.

What more could you want from an entrepreneurial sequel? As I have been pointing out for the last 8 years to anyone that will listen, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in China and the rest of the world should either join the fray or sit on the sidelines in their overtaxed and indebted economies and watch it go by. For these entrepreneurs at Farnova, they are taking a firm grasp of the helm and steering their ships toward a successful and profitable future. Bon voyage!