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Dec 6, 2011

Opportunities in China for Green-Technology/Energy Companies?

China may have the most potential opportunities for companies in the green-technology business.
The Wall Street Journal in an article this week entitled China Fuels Energy Innovation quotes an SME green- energy company:
Will Latta, the founder of clean-energy company LP Amina Inc., says he tried last year to interest U.S. power utilities in testing a new technology that reduces pollution from burning coal. Rebuffed, he took his invention to the coal-belt city of Fengtai in eastern China, where he found a partner eager to install the multimillion-dollar technology.

"In the U.S. there's a resistance to demonstrate new technology," says Mr. Latta, a 42-year-old Miami native who founded LP Amina in 2007. "They don't like to be the first."
China is, often, more responsive to the voices of its citizens than western democracies because of the fear of protest and the realization that without the support of the people the communist system may perish.
The government, therefore, listens and responds to the people's demands.  Overwhelmingly, the party does an excellent job in meeting the needs of the people.  The people, for the last decade, have demanded a cleaner environment and the party is delivering.

I first started doing work in China over a decade ago.  The environment, in most major cities, is much less polluted that it was a decade ago.  The reason stems from the significant investments being made in green technology and more stringent environmental protection measures.

The largest percentage of the cutting-edge green innovations are imported from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe.  The companies licensing their technology to Chinese companies are often not, only, the big players, but business start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Our clients, nearly universally, find it much easier to find potential opportunities in China, than in the overly risk averse and complacent West, since in the West most new green-technology initiatives are funded by individual companies with little government support.

If you are a green-technology company and your are not doing business in China  - you  must ask yourself why.  The big and small are prospering from China's deep pockets and a strong and growing appetite for solutions to environmental issues.

What do you think?