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Dec 9, 2011

Renewing your Chinese Trademarks

Numerous trademarks are expiring this year in China - are your trademarks expiring? Have you even, filed your trademarks in China?

As I mentioned in previous posts, China is a first-to-file nation and as you probably heard, Apple is experiencing this the hard way.  If you you registered your trademarks overseas - NO - this is not enough.  You must register your trademarks in China to gain protection.

The majority of trademarks in China are only protected for ten years from the date the application is approved. 

If one wish to extend the period of registration, one must file to the China National Trademark Office for renewal at least six months prior to expiration of the trademark (grace period of six months after expiration, but get this done early).  If the registration is approved, the trademark will be registered for ten more years.

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