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Feb 28, 2012

R&D, Investment, FDI and Free Trade Zone Credits/Benefits in Korea

The Temporary Investment Tax Credit has expired in Korea and other tax liberalization plans have been scrapped by the Korean government because of a reduction in tax receipts by the government and political issues that have arisen because of the the upcoming elections in Korea.  Please see the list of article below.

We suspect, if the conservative Saenari Party controls the National Assembly and the Presidency, after the upcoming elections, the previously promised tax reduction measures will be re-passed by the Korean National Assembly within the next couple of years.

Korea has decided to main the Tax Credit for Investment in Facilities and Industrial Equipment.  The credit equals between 3% to 4% of the amount of the investment in industrial equipment and facilities.  An additional 2% to 3% credit is available based on the number of new jobs created by the investment.

Additionally, Korea expanded the industries available for investment in free trade zones (only available for foreign capital-investment companies) and the scope of activities available for research and development credits.

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