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Jun 17, 2012

How IPG has Assisted the South China Yachting Industry

I like to write about my clients who try.  Now, they don’t always succeed and when they don’t it is usually because they were too early or the market factors weren’t what they expected and a few other reasons, as believe me, they were prepared legally to enter the fray here in the Jungle.  It turns out that the clients of mine that are entrepreneurial, using their own money and taking their own risk are my favorites and they turn out to be some of my best friends.  I wrote about Jame Guo and Ben Hart on my blog a few years ago when they launched the first sailboat that they built in their factory north of Shenzhen.  I was honored to be invited to the launching and when they put the beautiful 48′ foot cruising sailboat in the water I was also very proud of them because it is difficult – extremely difficult.

Now, more than two years has passed and 8 sailboats have been delivered and are comfortably sailing the seas.  I had the opportunity to go on an afternoon sail on their brand new 52′ Farnova Catamaran this past weekend and once again I was honored to be included and equally proud of my friends and clients.  Now, I prefer mono-hull sailboats because it just feels more like sailing, this new Catamaran was just about the most comfortable sailing yacht I have ever been on.

While it’s not easy to build a shipyard from scratch and begin making insurable and sea worthy vessels that people want to pay lots of money for – Ben and Jame at Farnova have pulled it off.  Not only are they making beautiful sailboats, but they recognize that the domestic market in China will continue to grow and the Chinese consumers will purchase more sailing yachts.  Congratulations to Farnova and we are happy to have you as a client.

By Frank Caruso, Chair of the China Practice Team at IPG.
IPG is engaged in projects for companies and entrepreneurs doing business in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Korea, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam and the U.S.