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Jun 24, 2012

Korea Fair Trade Commission Fines European Appliance Company

The Fair Trade Commission of Korea has fined Philips, a Dutch company, for price fixing.  The Fair Trade Commission fined Philips KRW 1.5billion (USD 1.3 million) for, inter alia, prohibiting online retailers from offering discounts and certain products to potential buyers.

Philips, according to the Korea's Fair Trade Commission is the top small appliance company in Korea with a 57% share of the electric toothbrush market, 61% share of the electric shaver market; 45% share of the iron market; and a 31% share of the coffee-maker market.

The Fair Trade Commission has contented that prices have not decreased after the implementation of the Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement, because of price fixing by manufacturers. 

Philips is the first EU company to be fined by the Fair Trade Commission.

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