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Apr 9, 2013

IPG Legal's New Law Blog: Korean Entertainment Law Blog

IPGs new law blog the Korean Entertainment Law Blog may be found HERE. The attorneys and entertainment law professionals at IPG Legal will be posting three to four post per week on issues related to Korean Entertainment Law.

We are looking forward to hearing comments and to have questions asked of us. Topics that will be addressed will include legal and business issues related to:
  • K-Pop
  • Korean Films
  • Korean Screenwriters
  • Korean Producers, Directors, Studios & Technical Staff
  • Korean Actors & Actresses
  • Korean Television
  • Korean Recording Companies
  • Korean Censorship & Defamation Laws
  • Korean Intellectual Property Law
  • Korean Copyright Law
  • Korean Fair Use Law
  • Korean IP Infringement Actions
  • Remedies for IP Infringement
  • Korean Trademarks & Trade Secrets
  • Korean Patent Law
  • Korean Merchandising
  • Korean-Tailored Agreements
    • Actor, Writer, Director Contract
    • Television Contracts
    • Korean Music Agreements, Band & Symphony, Band-Agent Agreements
  • Korean Manuscript, Copyright, and Royalty Clauses, Accounting, Warranties, Assignments
  • Arbitration Clauses
  • Dispute Resolution
Please try to be patient this is a new law blog. We will be dealing with all of the following general issues over the next six to nine months and, then, we will begin to handle more specific issues.

IPG is engaged in projects for companies and entrepreneurs doing business in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Korea, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam and the U.S.