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Apr 9, 2013

Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office Arrests South Koreans Responsible for Aiding North Korean Cyber Attack

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office has announced that they have arrested the owner of a South Korean-based company and its employees for violation of the National Security Law. The owner of the company was arrested and detained and the owner's older brother and the employees of the company were arrested, but were released pending further investigation.

The arrests were, apparently, in relation to the recent cyber attacks by North Korea and, also, the alleged operation by the arrested of an illegal gambling site, futures trading site and spam email program.

The prosecution has alleged that the technology for operating these sites and programs were obtained from a North Korean hacker that works for the North Korean governments Reunggrado Information Center and that part of the profits was shared by these individuals with the North Korean government or agents of the North Korean government.

Reunggrado Information Center may have been behind the recent cyber attacks.

As I have noted in numerous articles in local vernaculars, the North Korean government has agents and sympathizers throughout South Korea. Hey - one even ran for president.

Is this reality reason enough to maintain the National Security Law?

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