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Jun 12, 2013

Illegal Professions in Korea: Private Investigator, Tatto Artist, Chiropractor

It is illegal to be a private investigator, tattoo artist or chiropractor in Korea. Of course, Korea has private investigators, tattoo artists and chiropractors. Thus, those practicing these occupations in Korea face criminal prosecutions and fines.

Additionally, the clients of those practicing these occupations are not safeguarded by the typical administrative agency regulations that serve to protect these individuals.

Some issues have occurred with regard to private investigators. Some have utilized tactics that many consider less than ethical. These criticisms may be lessened with the regulation of the profession.

I believe in the near future that tattoo artists and private investigators will become legal occupations, but I believe you will see a vigorous fight from massage therapists (anma- blind practitioners), pharmacists and doctors towards legislation of the chiropractic profession.

Some lawyers are against the private investigator profession, but in my own straw pole I found no Korean attorney that is against the profession if the profession is monitored by an agency not controlled by those within the profession.

What do you think?

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