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Jun 25, 2013

Titles of Employees Working for Companies in Korea

The following are the most commonly utilized titles in Korea.

회장 (Hwae Jang): Chairman
대표이사 (Dae Pyo Isa): Representative Director
사장 (Sa Jang): President
부사장 (Bu Sa Jang): Vice President
전무이사 (Jun Mu Isa): Executive Managing Director
상무이사 (Sang Mu Isa): Managing Director
이사 (Isa): Director
부장 (Bu Jang): General (Senior) Manager
차장 (Cha Jang): Manager
과장 (Gwa Jang): Section Chief (Manager)
대리 (Dae Ri): Assistant Manager
사원 (Sa Won): Employee/Clerk (Entry-Level)

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