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Nov 12, 2013

North Korea Executes 80 people for Watching Foreign TV Shows

Earlier this month, it has been reported that North Korea executed around 80 citizens for watching smuggled South Korean television shows.  The executions were carried out in seven cities around North Korea.

In one gathering, 10,000 people watched eight people executed by firing squad inside a sports stadium in the Eastern port of Woosan.

Watching foreign television or films from the US or South Korea is considered to be a capital crime in North Korea, punishable, often, by death.

As well South Korean soap operas, also, it seems Desperate Housewives, also, has a large following in North Korea.

Efforts by the North Korean regime to control the distribution of foreign content has been thwarted by an increase in the number of flash drives and portable media devices smuggled into the North.

By Daniel Gardner


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